• May 01, 2015
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How to Make A Kitchen Functional

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By Dvira Ovadia

kitchen cabinet ideas

The key to a successful kitchen includes lots of smart storage and plenty of surfaces. Kitchens these days have become the hub of entertaining. Guests love to gather around a huge island, it not only makes for a large surface to prep your food but also to serve your platters on for casual dining.  Whether you have a small home or a large one, people like to keep their kitchens, neat and tidy.

kitchen cabinet ideasTucking away those unsightly countertop appliances is key to having your kitchen look like a show home.  One of my favorite features when designing a kitchen is creating an appliance garage or a utility pantry that tucks everything behind a pair of doors.  If your budget permits, go for paneled appliances, these will create a seamless look and you’ll have less stainless steel to clean! When it comes to countertops, a mix of natural stone and man-made quartz will help you keep the budget down. A beautiful slab on the island can make a beautiful statement, on the perimeter of your kitchen go for a complimentary product that costs less and is much more durable.

kitchen cabinet ideas

Kitchen hardware are the accessorizing jewels to your cabinetry, it plays an important part in creating a unique character! Embrace the beauty of hardware, mixing and matching creates interest and breaks up the monotony, when done carefully combining 3- 4 different hardware is a sure way to add just the right oomph to your cabinetry.

Lighting in a kitchen is the finishing touch that will add drama to your space, from multiple pendants to one dramatic fixture over the island, it’s key to creating that lasting impression.

kitchen cabinet ideasAbout Dvira

Dvira Ovadia, principal designer of Dvira Interiors is an award winning and respected Toronto Designer, she is known for her clever Design work on a vast number of successful endeavors.

Dvira has been the designer on TV series for the Unsellables, Reno and Relocate, Downright Domestic and moved into the role of Designer and Art director for 9 Seasons of the acclaimed- Income Property with Scott Mcgillivray on HGTV.

Dvira is praised for having approachable designs that are beautiful yet practical. She is a vivacious designer that’s full of life and never stops working, (some call her a Perpetuum mobile- Italian for Perpetual motion machine) her endless energy is aw-inspiring, she is meticulous in her ways and has a unique worldly design aesthetic that is always welcoming! To learn more about Dvira and her work please visit her website Dvira.com.


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